A LUCKY metal detecting enthusiast literally struck gold when he discovered a one-in-a-million medieval coin.

Craig Denney, 50, from Yate, uncovered the rare gold find alongside other medieval coins in a field near Chipping Sodbury.

The ‘gold noble’ coin dates back to around the 1300s and is worth around £2,000.

Craig, a gardener who has been metal detecting for five years, said this was the ‘best find of his life’.

Now the treasure will be given to the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) for recording as it comes under ‘treasure trove’ classification.

Craig said: “Everyone wants to know about the coin. I have had hundreds of comments on my YouTube Channel and Treasure Hunter magazine wants to feature it.

“I feel like I have hit the jackpot.

“I will be given a nice amount of money to split with the landowner, I will use it to pay for metal detecting equipment.

“I have already spent £8,000.

“I go metal detecting most afternoons.

“It’s better to go after it’s been raining because the moisture in the ground amplifies the sound.

“Recently I found a 1,400 year old Saxon Gold Coin and a spearhead.

“I’ve been pretty lucky really, I found a 1,400 year old Saxon gold coin and a spearhead but the gold noble is really special.

“Someone told me they had been metal detecting for 30 years and never found anything as good as that.”

Craig’s coin will be kept in a museum.

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