Young volunteers have taken on a variety of challenges to help keep a Thornbury charity afloat during lockdown.

Jigsaw, a charity supporting families who have children with additional needs and disabilities, has been hugely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Families have needed increased support due to the stress of having a child with a disability at home without any respite let alone trying to educate them and there has also been more demand for the charity's mental health support service, Project 5.

Alongside this has been a drop in corporate support, donations and community fundraising.

Jigsaw founder Tor Goodman said: "As you can imagine funds are significantly reduced at the moment and we are actually working more than normal but in a virtual format.

"We are also working with Krunch through our Project 5 programme to help support the mental health issues that have either been triggered or exacerbated by the current situation.

"This is a new project so we are currently trying to raise extra funds to make it possible."

To help with this a number of children have taken on the 2.6 challenge.

Nine-year-old Harry, who has cerebral palsy cycled 26km everyday for a week and has raised over £1,600 in the process.

He inspired others to take up the challenge including Abbey and Adam who both cycled 26 miles in a day.

Others to complete challenges include Amelia, who did 26 cartwheels, Freddie, who loaded and unloaded logs, Stan, who slept in a den for 26 hours, Josie, who made 25 bracelets, Hannah, who spent 26 hours in a campervan and Izzie and Roxie whole walked 2.6 miles three-legged.

These challenges have raised a further £900.

Jigsaw has also set up a teddy bear hunt around Thornbury. For £2 you can download the map and sheet of teddy bears. Everyone that downloads the map will be entered into a raffle.

You can download the map at

To donate to Harry click here and to donate to the other volunteers click here.