The Gazette’s Love Local Business campaign is aiming to shine a light on independent traders providing important services and brightening up the high street.

No other business fits that description quite like Riddifords.

Currently run by John and Jackie Riddiford the shop has been in the same family for nearly 100 years and has continued trading throughout lockdown.

“We were absolutely inundated with home deliveries for people who were self-isolating,” said John.

“It’s been interesting. We think in the first fortnight of the lockdown we did 321 deliveries and the veg boxes on top of that.

“We have been very lucky with suppliers, we have barely run out of anything. We have never sold so much flour and compost!

“The crazy period has passed. It’s calmed down a bit.”

The shop has witnessed numerous changes to the town centre since Lionel Edmund Riddiford purchased it in 1929, but few have caused such consternation as the recent closure to traffic.

Trade at the shop on Tuesday was half the level it had been before the closure was introduced.

“That’s had a bit of a negative impact,” John admitted.

“Saturday morning has been the only time there’s been a lot of people. We can’t rely on that.

“It’s quiet and eerie at times without the hustle and bustle.

“We have lots of people who park close by and walk up. We have lost all those customers now.

“I have been trying to point out to people they can park at the top of the high street but people seem reluctant to do that.

People all over the world leapt to the shop’s defence when it was involved in a dispute with the council back in 2018. Now it needs our support again.

If you can still access the shop please do so. Although the high street is closed Riddifords is very much open all hours and I think most would agree Thornbury just would not be the same without it.

The Gazette’s Love Local Business campaign encourages readers to support traders to help them recover from lockdown.

Any business wanting to be featured in our campaign should get in touch on 01453 769419 or email