A FIFTY year old Dandy comic strip featuring Wotton under Edge has been unearthed.

The Dandy’s My Home Town feature was a long running series in the comic, which appeared in issues from 1962 to 1970.

Readers could win a page dedicated to the placed they lived, drawn by artist Frank McDiarmid.

Wotton Rugby Club player Olli Boyle, who collects Wotton memorabilia, found the comic on eBay.

“It’s in the Dandy from July 4, 1970,” he said.

“Martin Hodsman, aged 12, won the comic’s competition and Wotton was chosen to be featured.

“I was well happy with this find.

“It’s a welcome edition to my collection of local memorabilia.”

Olli posted news of his find on the Wotton Noticeboard Facebook page to see if he could track Martin Hodsman down.

Lots of people got in touch saying they knew Martin, including members of Martin’s family, who Olli managed to find another copy of the comic for.

And one person noted that the piece was not completely factually accurate.

“I research local history, mainly paranormal, so am always looking for new Wotton related things - I’m a fan of all things Wotton under Edge.”

“I research a lot of the paranormal history, folklore, unusual happenings and general history of the town, and have an extensive collection of pictures and stories.

“I’m currently working extensively on a very interesting story with two friends that we hope to bring to the community next year. It is worth the wait.

“Watch this space.”