A FAMILY from Yate has started a relief project to support the elderly and vulnerable.

Aimee and Daniel Waters launched the campaign on Facebook, aptly named Family Food for Free, and asked for donations of funds or food to support the new initiative.

Food parcels are made daily, seven days a week and are able to be collected from the family home or delivery can be arranged. Donations of surplus food from Marks and Spencer and the local community is enabling the project to grow.

Founder Aimee said: “At beginning we were making extra food to support friends and family who had been affected by coronavirus.

“It was all self funded but as word spread and we made an actual Facebook group, we started getting donations from the amazing community we live in

“Our Facebook page is growing by 100 members a day with people wanting to help, or people who want help or food”

“The produce is left out the front of our house, it is available from 8am until 8pm or until it is all gone and we regularly update our Facebook page with what is available. The eldest person we deliver to is 93 and his face lights up – I think it’s also knowing someone cares and to see someone new. I think it’s important to show our own three children it’s nice to do something good.”

She added: “We are always needing donations, we are in need of a fridge freezer, we are hoping we can raise funds towards it.”

For more information on how to use the service or to make a donation, go to the Family Food 4 Free facebook page. Donations and collections can be made at 33 Woodmans Road, Chipping Sodbury