Hairdressers and barbers are filling their diaries after being given the green light to start seeing clients again from July, 4.

Barber Joe’s and The Salon, both in Chipping Sodbury, closed over three months ago and their owners are elated to be able to re-open at the beginning of July.

Owner Joe Campbell said:

“We are so chuffed to be opening our doors again.

“We have been absolutely inundated with messages at both Barber Joe’s and The Salon for appointments when we re-open.

"It’s a comfort to know that our clients have stayed with us through this ordeal and we are so grateful for it.

“It’s going to be especially fun fixing all the DIY jobs.”

Many hairdressers and other similar beauty industries had started to book appointments, scheduling them for post July 4 in anticipation of the announcement.

However, local beauticians are dismayed that the government announcement on Tuesday did not include allowing them to open alongside hairdressers, whom they feel are in a similar field.

A HD brow artist stated on Facebook that she felt her and others in the beauty industry are as equally prepared to see their clients as hairdressers and barbers.

In the post she said:

“I am honestly very happy for my hairdresser friends, but frustrated that myself and others in my industry cannot open on July 4.

"I also wear full PPE and have completed training in infection control.

"As we have similar, close contact jobs, the lift of restrictions should have extended to our industries too.”

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