STUDENTS at Brimsham Green School in Yate have taken part in a debate regarding the toppling of the Edward Colston Statue by Black Lives Matter protestors.

Head of humanities Matt Valentine instigated the debate, held virtually, following a whole school virtual assembly where ‘considerable student interest’ was noted surrounding the BLM movement and the death of George Floyd.

The debate was informed, with an academic expert in the works of Edward Colston opening to explain the controversial figure.

Eve Jenkins, 12, Year 7, wrote a report on the debate, in it Eve said:

“Ms Garland said ‘I think the statue should have been removed by the council to show that they recognise that we should not celebrate a slave trader’s life, and then it should have been put into the city museum where his actions and deeds could be put into context,’ this shows how many people believe that Colston should be remembered but not celebrated.

RP argued, ‘It shouldn’t have come down through the protest, but should have been taken down around two years ago.

LB commented: “It should be used to educate younger children. If the statue is in a museum then schools can organise trips and see the statue and be told the history of the man and why it ended up in the museum.”

Mr Valentine added: “Students of all ages confidently made extremely mature and insightful contributions.”