A DURSLEY business owner invited her customers to say a special thank you to their lockdown hero with the prize of a gift hamper.

Jayne Perrett, who reopened her shop, Tolsey Two, two weeks ago, invited nominations for a ‘local hero’ who had gone above and beyond to help others during the coronavirus pandemic.

"The initial idea occurred to me as a way of thanking people for the support I had received during the lockdown," said Jayne.

"But it also became clear to me, reading and hearing of what people locally were doing, that there was a lot of kindness and caring going on in the community and that lots of people were going above and beyond for those in most need.

"So it became important to do something uplifting and positive, albeit in a small way, in a time of adversity, anxiety and depressing news stories."

Jayne received lots of nominations and after much deliberation selected a winner, who has asked to remain anonymous.

"She was a well deserving candidate, who has been carrying out valuable work in a school under tremendous pressure," said Jayne.

"The customer who nominated her wanted to say a huge thank you to show her appreciation of all her hard work, as she didn’t feel she had been properly acknowledged."

While her Parsonage Street shop was closed during lockdown, Jayne maintained a virtual shopping experience and a free local delivery service.

She said the support from her customers really helped get her through.

"Virtual shopping became an idea after a few friends got in touch asking if I could help them out with gifts and other items," she said.

"I thought maybe other people shielding would find it useful so I put a post on social media and got a huge response.

"I had people saying they really wanted to support me rather than using the internet.

"The words meant more to me than the sales.

"I live alone and having no work was tough, so the virtual shopping was a way to keep me busy too.

"Since reopening the shop, I have welcomed very many customers back through the door.

"The supportive comments on how lovely it is to see us open again have meant the world to me and fill me with hope, not just for my shop but for the Dursley high street in general."

Tolsey Two is a gifts, crafts and home furnishing store located on Parsonage Street, Dursley.

See: tolseytwo.co.uk