A Tytherington dairy farmer who has grown a beard for the first time during lockdown is to shave it off in the name of charity.

Rich Cornock, aka The Funky Farmer, will also be sharing his hair and eyebrows off on July 4 to raise money for the Great Western Air Ambulance.

"I'd never grown a beard before and decided that lockdown would be a good time as i couldn't see anyone apart from my family, so it didn't really matter what i looked like," said Rich.

Since then he has been described as looking like David Bellamy, Tom Hanks in Castaway and even Captain Birdseye.

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"The air ambulance means a lot to me and the farming community and its certainly something that is appreciated by those of us that often work alone and in inaccessible places, where normal help can't get to in times of a medical emergency," said Rich.

Since launching the appeal on his Youtube channel, The Funky Farmer, on June 19 Rich has already raised more than £3,000.

"I had no idea I could raise this much and originally set the target at an optimistic £500 as social media can be a bit deceptive, lots of people will click 'like' but it's another matter to get them to actually part with their money.

"However even in this difficult time people have been amazingly generous, even paying £50 per eyebrow for me to shave them off!"

To donate go to justgiving.com/fundraising/thefunkyfarmer