Funding has been announced for the maintenance of commuter roads in Thornbury and Yate.

£3.2 million from the Department of Transport and £500,000 of local funding will be spent on the project.

The focus will be on local bus and commuter routes that suffer from flooding due to inadequate drainage systems.

The announcement stated: "The frequent flooding is causing rapid deterioration of the carriageway, increasing accident risk and affecting bus routes that carry over three million passengers a year."

Details about the exact roads money will be spent on have not yet been disclosed.

The project is part of plans to invest £5billion in infrastructure to kick-start the country’s economic recovery from coronavirus.

In total 29 local road projects are receiving a share of £100million.

Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire will also receive funding as part of the scheme.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “As the country begins the recovery from Covid-19, we need to get on the front foot and invest in infrastructure in every region to reignite the economy, helping better connect people with work and leisure in the future.

“By investing £100million in local roads and reaffirming our commitment to better connecting communities, we are not just talking about levelling up – but making it happen.”