New changing facilities will be built at Thornbury Rugby Club in order to support the expansion of the club's women and youth membership.

The club, based at Coopers Farm near Rockhampton, has received nearly £300,000 in funding for the new facilities, which will include two self-contained changing rooms, two smaller changing rooms for male and female officials and a physio and medical room.

This will allow the club to cater for the increased usage seen in recent years and help accommodate their various squads being able to train at the same time.

The funding, totalling just under £293,000, was negotiated by South Gloucestershire Council’s Conservative administration from the Post Farm development.

Geoff Sprackman, Chairman of Thornbury Rugby Club, said: “We are excited that the club is set to receive this valuable funding which will have a big impact in allowing us to grow our inclusive sporting community. We want to thank the Council and the Administration for its support.

“Thornbury Rugby Club is proud to already have successful men’s and junior squads and are keen to continue developing our levels of female participation following a real surge in recent years. This funding, by improving and expanding our changing rooms, really gives us a chance to get more teams of all ages and genders out on pitches at the same time and grow as a club.”

Cllrs Matthew Riddle and Keith Burchell, who represent Rockhampton as part of the Severn Vale Ward, said: “Thornbury Rugby Club has been an important part of our local community for many years, offering the fun and inclusivity of team sports for people of all ages and so we are pleased this funding will be going towards new facilities that will help meet the growing demand.”

Thornbury and Yate MP Luke Hall added: “I am delighted that we have managed to secure this much needed funding for Thornbury Rugby Club to continue the expansion of their women’s and youth membership. This club has been so important to our community for nearly sixty years and we should be immensely proud to have one of the best local rugby clubs in the South West right on our doorstep.”