AS PUBS across the region prepare to reopen, one Wotton landlord had issued a special Ten ‘COVID’ Commandments for returning customers.

Andy Starling of the Falcon Steakhouse, who will be welcoming back customers on Saturday (July 4) posted a picture of the pub's blackboard which features his 'commandments'.

They are:

Thou shall sanitise hands on arrival

Thou shall keep dogs & children on leads

Thou shall sign in to aid the NHS track & trace

Thou shall not move furniture

Thou shall social distance

Honor thy pub

Thou shall be seated while slurping

Thou shall take children home by 7pm

Thou shall not stray from thy bubble

Thou shall not mention: Wethersp##ns, Mill#r & Carters, or Covid speech *

*Covid speech includes:

Flatten the curve

Second spike

1 metre plus

The R number

Local lockdown