Has the Prime Minister, and his devotees, no shame? Radio 4’s highly esteemed programme ‘More or Less’ asked an important question this week - Why Did the UK Have Such a Bad Covid-19 Epidemic? It’s sobering to recognise that excess deaths in the UK now surpass the number of those who died in the Blitz. 13 minutes into the show the audience is informed, in detail, how only last week the PM was trying to deceive the nation by making “wrong and misleading” claims about efforts to protect Care Homes, where 43% of these excess deaths occurred.

When I advised my neighbour to listen to this programme on iPlayer, he expressed astonishment that I was dismayed the PM was telling porkies, and reminded me that last year Boris claimed the odds against a no-deal, over-the-cliff Brexit were a million to one against. Today he’s preaching that such a calamity, which only the likes of Putin would applaud, is ‘a very good option.’ I despair.

Anthony Hentschel