CAM’S play areas opened again on Saturday after many weeks of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Woodfields Play Park, Cam Green and Jubilee Playing Field all reopened for local people to enjoy.

But Cam Parish Council warned people to take sensible measures to protect themselves from the virus.

The Government produced guidance on how play areas could be managed while minimising the transmission risk of Covid-19 but some of this, such as arranging a booking system or creating waiting areas with barriers, was not practical.

At its full council meeting on 1 July, Cam Parish Council agreed that sufficient measures centred around education and information could be put in place to allow the play areas to be opened safely. Risk assessments had been carried out at all sites.

Guidelines are now on display around all play areas and people are being urged to be sensible and act responsibly and to remember that the virus has not gone away.

The guidelines state:

• Always keep to the social distancing guidelines, keeping 2m apart is still recommended.

• Do not use the play area if you or any members of your household are displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

• The consumption of food and drink is banned.

• People must provide their own hand sanitiser or wipes to clean hands, particularly at the beginning and end of play.

• In busy periods, either wait or go back later.

• Hands should be washed as soon as possible after using equipment.

• Use the litter bins provided or take litter home.

• Behave responsibly.

Cam Parish Council also said that while all possible practical measures had been put in place, anyone using equipment did so at their own choice and at their own risk.