A DURSLEY schoolgirl gave away her holiday savings and made rainbow bracelets to help the NHS.

Inspired by Captain Tom’s fundraising efforts, nine-year-old Loretta Smetham decided to give away her holiday savings to the Vale Hospital in Dursley after her family cancelled their trip due the coronavirus outbreak.

Loretta had been saving up her pocket money since the family booked their holiday last year.

They were due to go away in just two weeks time.

In addition, the Cam Everlands Primary pupil used her loom band making skills to create 94 rainbow bracelets which she sold to neighbours, friends, family, work colleagues and her school.

And in just two weeks she raised the impressive sum of £401.

“She is over the moon to have raised £401,” said Loretta’s mum, Melissa.

Loretta first visited the Vale Hospital when she was three years old, with an allergic reaction, and found the staff there very kind.

“They were fantastic with her and even gave her a teddy bear to keep for being brave,” said Melissa.

On Friday, she returned to the hospital to drop off the money she had raised.

With the donation she included an accompanying note in which she wrote: “To all NHS staff, thank you for taking care of everyone during this worrying time.

“I enclose £401 which I have raised and I have also donated my own pocket money.

“Thank you, we all support you all.”

The Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust team posted on social media: “Thank you so much to eight-year-old Loretta, from Dursley, who has donated £401 to the Vale Hospital.

“Loretta raised the money through selling bangles and also donated her holiday pocket money. What a star!”