A GP surgery in Wotton has been voted the best medical centre in the area by patients.

Culverhay Surgery rated best for ‘overall experience’ of patients in the 2020 NHS patient survey.

The survey asked residents for their views on their doctors' surgeries across a range of different areas.

The number of surveys completed varies from surgery to surgery, and does not represent every patient who is registered at any one centre.

Of the patients who responded, 96 per cent who responded said their overall experience at Culverhay was good or very good.

In second place is Cam & Uley Family Practice which scored a satisfaction rating of 95 per cent.

Full list:

Culverhay Surgery, Wotton - 96%

Cam & Uley Family Practice - 95%

Chipping Surgery, Wotton - 93%

Frampton Surgery - 93%

Walnut Tree Practice, Dursley - 93%

Acorn Practice, Dursley - 82%

Marybrook Medical Centre, Berkeley - 76%