WITH Rednock School in Dursley breaking up for the summer holidays on Friday, headteacher David Alexander has praised the hard work of students, parents and carers throughout lockdown.

This follows guidance from the government that schools do not need to open during the summer break, and that all secondary pupils will return to school in September.

Mr Alexander said: “Everyone has been amazing working from home and I can only say I admire the students and parents and carers for working so hard over what will have been 17 weeks of lockdown.

“I hope that all our students, parents, carers and staff will get some rest over the summer – I think that’s really important because everyone has been under a lot of pressure.”

The head also looked ahead to what school will be like in September.

“As in the recent government announcement, school will start in September with everybody coming back,” he said.

“We’ll have a staggered start because we think it’s really important to get different year groups back in at different times, so we can start to build confidence, and also teach the students about the social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitising, and the staggered lunchtimes, the staggered lessons, that sort of thing.

“We’re really looking forward to rebuilding the Rednock learning community.

“Come September, we will be there, big smiles, greeting you with the hand sanitiser, ready to make sure that the children are safe and that they’re primed, ready for learning.”

Details about returning to school will be sent to parents this week.