'Duckingham Palace' will return to the duck pond in Olveston for the first time in months this weekend.

The aptly named duck house will be reinstalled at 10.30am on Sunday.

Colin Prewett, who spent six months building the landmark prior to its installation in 2016, has now given it a makeover.

The duck house was originally designed to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, with the idea coming about after a Conservative MP was found to have claimed more than £1,600 for one in his garden during the expenses scandal.

Announcing the news on the palace's return on Facebook, Olveston Parish Council said: "You may have noticed that Duckingham Palace has been missing from the duck pond for the last few months.

"Colin Prewett who originally installed the palace removed the local landmark for a bit of TLC and a makeover.

"We are please to announce that the refurbished palace will be reinstalled on Sunday 26th July at 10.30.

"If you are free why not pop along and see the new palace back in the duck pond where it belongs."