A dog rescued from a flood earlier this year has been reunited with the person who helped save them.

RSPCA Jon Ratcliffe attended an emergency incident in Gloucester in February after calls had been received that a dog was stuck in rising flood water, tethered to a kennel.

Jon found a young lurcher type dog, sat on top of a kennel, tethered and surrounded by 4ft of water. The fire brigade were called and the dog, now called Noah, was brought to the Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home (CDCH) in Dursley.

Noah had a number of fractures which had began to heal incorrectly due to them not being treated.

Following a fundraising campaign, Noah was booked in for 10 sessions of hydrotherapy with Pet Rehab in Uley.

This week, Noah was joined for his hydrotherapy treatment by his rescuer Jon Ratcliffe. Jon rescued Noah from the floods back in February.

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"We thought it only fitting to have him come back and see how well Noah is and the transformation in him," a spokesperson for CDCH said.

Noah has now had four of his hydrotherapy sessions of and has taken to his treatment well. He is also receiving physiotherapy with Artaine at Gloucestershire Small Animal Physiotherapy.

You can support CDCH at cotswoldsdogsandcatshome.org.uk/giving

All photos courtesy of Paul Nicholls.