A police investigation has been launched after two men were taken to hospital yesterday (Tuesday, July 28) following a hit and run on Sodbury Road, Wickwar, heading towards Chipping Sodbury.

Police and ambulance services were called to a road traffic incident at around 4.50pm, where two cyclists were hit off their bikes by an overtaking vehicle. The driver fled the scene in a vehicle towing a trailer.

Nick Stack and a friend, both 45, from Downend, were both taken via ambulance to hospital where they were treated for multiple non-life-threatening injuries.

Nick Stack has suffered broken collar bone and is now awaiting results of whether he needs an operation.

He said: “This is a route I have cycled hundreds of times before. I have never encountered anything quite like this.

“My friend and I were aware of the oncoming vehicles because it kept beeping at us, we didn’t really understand why, as we were riding, responsibly, in single file as we should be.

“That road is suitably wide enough for any vehicle to pass easily.

“Most drivers are courteous, but these seemed to be agitated that we were cycling along the road.

“As the vehicles came alongside us, the passenger shouted lots of abuse at us.

“The driver then kept driving across our path, forcing us further into the grass verge.

“The trailer attached to the vehicle, swung across and hit my bike and obviously I went over the top of it, fortunately my helmet took most of the impact from my head or I could have a very serious injury right now.

“Once they had hit us, they drove off at speed.

“I have a number of injuries, a broken collar bone, a rather large bump to my head and scratched and bruises to my back, hips and arms.

“A witness behind us stopped and the police and ambulance teams came. We have given as much information as we can.

“The police have confirmed cameras in Chipping Sodbury haven’t got any footage of the vehicle so we are hoping someone knows something and will contact the police.”

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset police said: “We were called at approximately 4.50pm yesterday (Tuesday, July 28) following a collision involving two cyclists and a vehicle towing a trailer in Sodbury Road, Wickwar.

“The two cyclists were taken to hospital. The vehicle was not at the scene by the time officers arrived.

“Anyone with information about what happened can report it online at www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/report or call 101 and reference log 793 of 28 July.”