A talented six-year-old artist from Yate won a competition to design a helmet for F1 ace Lando Norris

Lando Norris, a McClaren racing driver is wearing the special helmet this weekend as he competes in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Eva Muttram, who attends Wellesley primary school in Yate, entered the competition earlier this year after spending the afternoon designing the helmet as something 'fun to do with dad.'

Eva's design includes Lando's signature symbol of a 'L' entwined with a 'N'. She included his full name in different colours, a picture of a race car and two love hearts on the top. Her name is also written on the bottom.

Lando Norris said he chose the design because it specifically reminded him of something he would do himself. The images were natural and childlike and that was what he was lokoing for when he launched the competition.

Norris, who was born in Bristol, wore the helmet during free practice this morning (Friday, July 31).

He is currently 4th in the driver's championship after the first three rounds. 

Proud dad, Aidrian Muttram said: "I am ridiculously proud of Eva. People are asking for merchandise with her designs on them.

"Eva thinks its really cool and is amazed she actually won.

"I don't think she realises how significant winning something like this is, and how many people she has beaten to be the winner.

"She is really looking forward to going back to school to tell her friends."

Lando Norris took to his social media to thank the now, seven-year-old.

In his post he said: "My helmet design for this weekend! THANK YOU EVA. Eva's 6 and she created this for my design competition.

"It just reminded me a lot of when I was younger, scribbling away, coming up with some cool things, it's just super original.

"Thank you for taking your time to design it Eva."

A signed copy of the helmet is on route to the family.