IT IS hard to imagine that Prince Harry alone would have succumbed to the ghastly scrapes that the Sussex’s are now sinking into - pointless litigation against the British press and alienation from the wider Royal family driven by a sense of victimhood.

But jointly they will have to survive the backlash against the ill judged ‘Finding Freedom’ publication whether they tacitly sanctioned it or not.

It is hard to see that they are employable in the US if they are prepared to ‘spill the beans on the inside track in detail’.

Would a new employer want to take the risk?

All the noble mush about ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘being true to yourself’ maybe part of US culture, but does not go down well in the UK which is much more used to understatement and gentle self effacement.

Also the Sussex’s are not Royal any more.

They stepped down.

So what could be their selling point in the US?

Is it not time for the Royal Family to metaphorically put their foot down, tell Harry he can’t continue this new life style as it reflects so badly on the continuing Royal Family, and offer to bring him back as a private individual to rehabilitate him where he really belongs?

Elizabeth Smith


Near Dursley