A MOTHER is urging people to be vigilant after a man tried to force his way into her daughter’s car.

It happened as the young woman was driving slowly along a lane in the Uley area, near Dursley, on Friday night.

Kat Ives was so perturbed by what happened to her daughter, Bryony, that she took to social media to make others aware of the incident and to advise people to lock their car doors when driving in the country lanes.

“Bryony was driving back home via the back lanes from Tesco at 9.30pm,” said Kat.

“We run a farm and she was just driving slowly past our gateways which are opposite Hydegate Kennels.

“She was driving slowly to check all our gates were closed, we do this every night to make sure all the animals are securely locked in for the night on our final field check.

“As she went to pull away from the last gateway, she saw a shadow in her wing mirror.

“Next thing she knew there was a man running alongside the passenger side of the car, grabbing at the door handles and hitting the windows whilst yelling at her to let him in.

“At this point she accelerated off heading back towards the farm, leaving the man stood in the lane.”

Kat said it wasn’t until the following day, once the shock and adrenaline dropped, that it really hit Bryony as to what had and could have happened.

“Bryony is not easily spooked but this really did affect her,” she said.

“The question is if he had got in the car, then what?

“We just don’t want to have not made others aware and then read someone has been attacked by the same person and we could have done something to stop him.”

The police conducted a search in the area, but did not find the man.

A spokeswoman for Gloucestershire police said: “Police were called to the Uley area of Dursley at 9.30pm on Friday following reports of suspicious activity involving a man.

“It was reported that a man had approached a woman whilst she was parked on Farfield Lane before attempting to get into her car.

“The woman was uninjured and the man left the area on foot.

“He was described as being white, of a skinny build, in his 30s and had stubble on his face with a shaved head. He was wearing a grey top and dark trousers.

“Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the man and anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting incident 561 of August 7.”