Large parts of Yate are currently without water.

Problems have been reported in numerous areas of the town, including Blaisdon, Abbotswood and Witcombe.

Some who do still have water have experienced poor pressure or discolouration. 

Bristol Water have confirmed they have a crew on site who will be rerouting the supply where possible.

In their latest update the company said residents should be prepared to be without water until 'late this evening'.

Plans are being made to make water available, but Bristol Water have suggested buying bottled water from shops for the time being. 

Bristol Water's latest statement in full: "If you have water and it's discoloured.
"This is a totally normal thing to happen after a burst, basically it's caused by the natural sediment in the mains.

"When water stops running the sediment drops in the pipe, and when you're getting water blasted through the pipes again, it'll pick some up along the way.

"No need to worry though, we wouldn't advice you drink it when it's brown but it'll clear up. If your water is cloudy, it's just millions of tiny air bubbles - again this is totally normal and your water will return to normal after a while. You may also have some low pressure - this is (again) normal and we're working on getting it back up for you.

"If you have no water.
"We're really sorry if you still have no water - we know it's not ideal and we always want to get it back up and running as soon as possible.

"We're still trying the rezone but you should be prepared to be without water until late this evening, if you can reach bottled water in shops then we'd suggest doing that now. In terms of alternative water, sadly it's not as easy as it sounds.

"We're looking into it and plans are being made but there are a whole load of things we need to look at and consider, including location (and permission from land owners), health and safety, actually filling the tanker up, as well as making sure we're responsibly set up for social distancing. But it's in motion and as soon as we have more information on this we'll update you.

"Thank you all for your patience today, we're sorry for any inconvenience caused today."