ROWDY drinkers in Chipping Sodbury are being warned they face tough action from the police if they are caught acting anti-socially.

It comes after a woman was assaulted and a fight broke out in the town's High Street last weekend.

Police have said they will be clamping down on any drunken disorder in the run up to Christmas with a "zero tolerance" policy.

Neighbourhood policing Sergeant Andy McIlrath said: "Police in Chipping Sodbury are taking a zero tolerance on anti-social behaviour displayed by people who are coming out of the High Street in intoxicated states and are unable to behave in a civilised manner."

The crackdown comes after a violent weekend in the town.

He said: "Between 1.45am and 3.50am on Sunday, November 25, we had a number of incidents of general disorder in Chipping Sodbury High Street. Most of the incidents involved young males who had obviously drunk too much.

"As a result of the police response, two people were arrested for fighting in the High Street and a further male was given a penalty notice for disorder for £80.

"Later in the evening there was an incident, which we believe involved people who had been drinking in Sodbury High Street, where a female was assaulted.

"Three males were arrested in relation to the alleged assault."

There will now be a greater police presence in the High Street on Friday and Saturday nights, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Sgt McIlrath said the police would also be working closely with Sodbury Town Council to tackle the problem using CCTV footage to identify those responsible.

Town councillor Paul Whittle, of Sodbury Town Council's CCTV working group, said: "The vandalism the High Street is suffering at the moment is ridiculous, breaking windows, tearing cables off buildings and damaging cars.

"The majority of problems used to be between 11pm to 11.30pm but it's now after 1am in the morning.

"We've had numerous successes with our CCTV system and the police do ask us for footage to help them.

"We have just committed £35,000 to spend on the upgrading and improving of the CCTV system.

"The system is monitored by Bristol City Council, who have a direct link with the police Portishead headquarters."

The Sodbury CCTV system has recently added four new cameras, two at the Ridings play field, one at the top of Bowling Hill and one in Hounds Road.