I am deeply dismayed, to put it mildly, at the Prime Minister’s attempt to introduce the Internal Markets Bill aimed at overriding parts of the Divorce Bill that was agreed with the EU. What dismays me even more is the reaction of a British-born friend who has resided for over 4 decades in Germany. I quote her comments with which I agree wholeheartedly.

“How can any politician, any country, expect to be trusted or respected if he/it fails to honour commitments and breaks international law? It shocks me, nearly as much as Trump and his party shock me. It’s not the Britain we grew up in [during the Second World War], is it? . . . I imagine this marks the end of any trade agreement that might have been reached by the end of the year. Why should the EU put up with it? I fear, too, that the “troubles” will start again in Ireland, and that Scotland will demand independence at some time, whatever Westminster says. I foresee the UK breaking up altogether, and it will be largely Johnson’s doing.”

Is it possible to be more un-British than being prepared to break international law and adopt a “So what?” attitude?

Franklyn Bovey