A FATHER-OF-FIVE with nerves of steel played his way to victory in a poker tournament, winning his family a jackpot of nearly £7,000.

In a tense final round David Young, 40, from Dursley, won the Virgin Poker Festival with a hand of three Jacks.

He beat 200 competitors from across the country to the trophy and a prize of £6,800.

David, who works as a paint-sprayer, said: "My children will be getting some very nice Christmas presents this year. The money has already been spent."

As a keen amateur, David has played many small tournaments but had never won such a large competition before.

"I was very happy to win the tournament, but I was quietly confident - you have to be in poker," he said.

"It helps not to be nervous when playing poker. But mainly I just enjoy myself."

David, who has been playing poker for five years, got married in Las Vegas and has been back several times to play in casinos.

"I am very lucky to have a wife who has let me go back to Las Vegas to play. She doesn't really mind as long as I win.

"Las Vegas is the best place in the world to play poker. I really enjoy it there."

The Virgin Poker weekend, at Broadway Casino, in Birmingham, saw competitors playing Texas Hold-em, a no limit game which involves each player holding two cards and a further five placed on the table.

David, known as 'IndigoGB' on the poker circuit, took on Ted Gnashers' Smith in the final round and went 'all in' - gambling all his remaining chips - before the dealer showed the cards on the table in the final hand.

The risky move paid off and a hand of three Jacks won him the contest.

"I am just a keen amateur," said David. "I like the idea of playing poker professionally but it is a hard way to make a living. For now I just enjoy playing - and winning."

David said he will continue to play in tournaments and will return to the Virgin Poker Festival in April to hold on to his title.