BEEKEEPERS in the Dursley area are being invited to use a plot at the Kingshill allotment site for their hives.

The town council is keen to encourage pollinators at the site, and so has agreed to offer a previously disused area as a designated beekeeping plot.

The allotment area is located behind Kingshill Cemetery, and is accessible from Lawrence Grove or Kingshill Road.

Tenancies for beekeepers are very similar to that for allotment plots, but with some specific requirements related to beekeeping, the main ones are as follows:

· Beekeeping at the plot is for enjoyment and the production of honey for domestic consumption by the tenancy holder and members of their family.

· There are restrictions on the number of hives.

· The tenant must be either experienced, be working towards a British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) qualification and /or have close guidance from an experienced beekeeper.

· Insurance – the tenant must hold a relevant public liability insurance policy which provides specifically for beekeeping risk. (It is preferred that they are a member of the British Beekeepers Association, which may provide such cover for their members; or at least be a member of a local beekeeping group). For details contact the town council office on 01453 547758.