Funding has been announced for new benches on Thornbury High Street.

Thornbury Foodbank and Oldbury Community Shop will also receive a portion of £9,000 funding from Oldbury Power Station owners Magnox.

A successful bid for funding by South Gloucestershire Council was made earlier this year, with Magnox having now confirmed how the money will be spent.

On Thornbury High Street, £3,612 will be spent on two 2m benches to enable those who need to rest a means to do so while social distancing.

Oldbury Community Shop will receive £2,800 for PPE, tables and chairs for waiting customers to use as well as umbrellas and pull out awning for shelter against the weather.

Gazette Series:

Thornbury, Patchway and Bristol NW Foodbanks will get £2,200 for food, with a further £800 to Patchway Foodbank for distribution costs from August to December.

Cllrs Matthew Riddle and Keith Burchell, who represent the Severn Vale Ward, including Oldbury on Severn, said: “We are delighted that this funding has been awarded to support the volunteer-run Oldbury Community Shop which has proven to be a lifeline to many local residents during the Covid pandemic period.

"The funding for an awning to shelter shoppers from poor weather as we approach autumn will make a big difference to social distancing.

“We are also pleased that funding has been allocated to Thornbury Foodbank which continues to serve not only Thornbury, but also the surrounding small communities, brilliantly during these trying times.”

Cllrs Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson and Sanjay Shambhu, who represent the Charlton and Cribbs Ward, including parts of Patchway, said: “We want to thank Magnox for the funding they are providing Patchway Foodbank on behalf of local residents, including to assist with the additional distribution costs as a result of the pandemic.

“It is a vital service which has needed even more support following the Covid outbreak, so we are grateful this bid has been successful.”