PARENTS have praised the new leadership team at Tyndale Primary School in Yate after pupils there were predicted the highest grades in the school’s history.

Kirsty Borrill was seconded as new headteacher for Tyndale in September last year as the school joined Greenshaw Learning Trust.

Previously at Woodlands Primary in Yate, Mrs Borril was drafted in as new head following the noticeable turnaround of the school in her previous role.

The new leadership team of Mrs Borrill and Katie Parkhouse, deputy headteacher, have implemented new policies and structures to give the children at Tyndale the ‘best chance of success’.

Under their management, expectations have been raised significantly across the board.

Children attend weekly activities, where they are able to raise aspirations by listening to guest speakers and be exposed to career paths they may not yet have heard of.

All children are now expected to read for a minimum of 75 minutes per day, which has led to one child winning a competition set by a famous author and having her own story published at the tender age of 8.

Teachers recorded daily lessons throughout lockdown and 96 per cent of children regularly engaged in their online learning platform at home.

Sam Clift won the governors’ award for outstanding commitment to learning.

Mum Kate, said: “The amazing changes put in place by the new leadership team at Tyndale Primary have had a really, positive impact on Sam’s behaviour and learning. He is now very enthusiastic about school again!”

Parent Christine O’Connor, echoed the praise, saying: “I am a proud parent of Tyndale Primary. The improvements at the school across the board has been amazing”

The new policies include disruption-free learning and deliberate teaching of self-study skills to increase retention of knowledge.

Children with excellent behaviour are rewarded and those going ‘above and beyond’ are recognised for their efforts.

Mrs Borrill added: “We are proud to be part of the community. We would be more than happy to show Ofsted the journey that Tyndale has come through..

“We won’t have an inspection for a while but I am in no doubt our report will be a positive one. That is testament to our staff and to the pupils and their families.”

New reception parents can book to view the school.

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