OVER £1,000 has been raised to help towards the treatment costs for a cat which was injured in 'an act of cruelty' in Charfield.

One-year-old Groot went missing for over 24 hours last weekend.

He eventually made his way home wuith injuries which his owner believes was not a road accident but 'an act of cruelty'.

Sadly, his back leg was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated. And he has also sustained damage to the front right leg and paw and his claws were ripped out on his front paws.

Groot's owners, Becky Earley and family, are distraught and are now left with a huge vet bill of £2,000 trying to save Groot and give him a good quality of life.

"You just don’t expect someone to do this to your pet," said Becky.

A friend in the village decided to set up a JustGiving page to help towards the treatment costs.

She set a £2,000 target and so far £1,189 has been raised.

Also four Charfield residents have joined forces to offer a reward of £850 for information about happened to Groot.

Becky said she has been really touched by the response of villagers.

Becky said: “The community has really stepped up. As well as donations towards Groot's care, four people have clubbed together to put up a £850 reward for information about what happened, and the RSPCA gave an £100 voucher towards the vet costs.

"I can’t thank everyone enough. It was so kind of everyone to do that for Groot," said Becky.

"When Groot came home injured, at first we didn't realise how serious it was. So I just wanted to make people aware that this has gone on, and that if their pet comes home and seems off colour, it'd be worth getting them checked over.

“This is hopefully a one-off and I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else’s animals.”

If you would like to show your support and make a donation, please visit the JustGiving page

Any money left over will be donated to the RSPCA.