A 61-YEAR-OLD man from Easter Compton is running a marathon this weekend to raise money for a charity that has helped his wife.

John Calver was due to run this year’s London Marathon and was devastated when he heard it would not be going ahead on its rescheduled date of October 4.

Having already completed a large proportion of his training, and not wanting Versus Arthritis to miss out on donations, he has decided to run the full distance anyway.

On Sunday he will complete laps of Easter Compton, Severn Beach and Pilning and hopes people will come out to cheer him on.

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John, who has already raised more than £800, said: “Versus Arthritis will lose millions of pounds over the next few years due to Covid, so even though I can’t be in London it feels just as important to run.

“I chose to support Versus Arthritis because my wife, Elaine, has been suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis for over 12 years. It is a debilitating condition.

“However, I know first-hand what wonderful work Versus Arthritis have done to help Elaine and others like her.

“Arthritis is often seen as a condition of old age, but this is not the case.

“Through Versus Arthritis I have met several teenagers and people in their twenties who suffer terribly.

John is feeling excited, but, apprehensive about running what will be his first marathon.

“Thank you in advance to anyone who can show their support on the day.

“Your support means a huge amount to Elaine and I, and will keep me going in those tough times,” he said.

John will begin his run at 9.30am on Sunday and is still intending to take part in next year's London Marathon as well.

To donate visit John's fundraising page at justgiving.com/fundraising/john-calver1