South Gloucestershire council are carrying out more maintenance improvements to school buildings, investing around £2 million, with work already completed at a number of primary and junior schools across the area during the summer holidays.

There are 17 projects taking place in total and the schools maintenance work includes new roofing and roof repairs, heating and water services, toilet refurbishment, security improvements and new windows.

The investment totals £1,970,000 in maintenance projects during this year alone and is part of a four-year programme of work totalling £7.5 million.

Projects already completed include an upgrade to Hawkesbury Upton Primary schools fire alarm system and emergency lighting. Cherry Gardens Primary has had its fire alarm system replaced, and Christ Church Juniors has had its intruder alarm system replaced. The Ridge Juniors, Iron Acton Primary, St Michael’s Primary (Winterbourne) and St Barnabas Primary’s extension have all had their boilers replaced.

Other notable projects include the re-roofing of Barley Close Community Primary School and refurbishment of the toilets at Chipping Sodbury School.

Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Employment Cllr Erica Williams said: “Improving school standards in South Gloucestershire is our number one priority and we want to ensure that our pupils have the best learning environments that we are able to provide.

“This maintenance work that is taking place at a number of primary and junior schools across our area will help make sure that our education facilities remain safe and functional places for years to come.”

South Gloucestershire Council’s Cabinet approved a record £78 million investment into schools over a four-year period, funding the creation of new schools as well as capital improvements to a number of existing school buildings.

This is the largest ever investment into schools made by the Council and reflects the highest priority we attach to improving school outcomes – not just in terms of results, but in terms of the learning experience and environment, for both pupils and staff.

A full list of the school maintenance work is below:

Hawkesbury Primary School, Hawkesbury Upton

Upgrade existing fire alarm system and enhance emergency lighting (35k)

Re-roofing (150k)

Cherry Garden Primary School, Bitton

Replacement of alarm system (50k)

Courtney Primary School, Kingswood

Roofing repairs (150k)

Wellesley Primary School, Yate

Roofing repairs (80k)

Barley Close Community Primary School, Mangotsfield

Re-roofing (230k)

St Barnabas Primary School (extension), North Common

Replacement of boiler plant (20k)

St Michael’s Primary School, Winterbourne

Replacement of boiler plant and hot & cold water systems (300k)

Little Stoke Primary School, Little Stoke

Flooring and steelwork (80k)

Bowsland Green Primary School, Bradley Stoke

Health & safety playground work (80k)

Christ Church CofE Junior School, Downend

Replacement of alarm system (35k)

Christ Church Primary School, Hanham

Cladding (40k)

Beacon Rise Primary School, Kingswood

Stonework (100k)

The Ridge Junior School, Yate

Replacement of boiler plant (120k)

Iron Acton Primary School, Iron Acton

Replacement of boiler plant (100k)

Abbotswood Primary School, Yate

KS2 Windows replacement (250k)

Chipping Sodbury School, Chipping Sodbury

Toilet refurbishment (150k).