If you live in the Thornbury area you might have experienced an unpleasant smell this morning.

This has been caused by a large scrap metal fire at Avonmouth Docks.

Firefighters are at the scene this morning after 20,000 tons of scrap metal caught alight late last night.

Crews from Avonmouth, Southmead, Weston, Patchway, Temple, Kingswood and Bedminster have all attended Sims Metal Management on St Andrew's Road.

One Thornbury resident who contacted The Gazette said: "Thornbury is shrouded in the smell of burning plastic this morning; hard to identify exactly where it is coming from."

Another said on Facebook that it 'smells like when brake pads are seized on a vehicle'.

Charfield residents have also complained of a burning smell, while Stroud District Council have received reports of the smell of burning plastic from Horsley, Dursley and Cam. 

Avon Fire and Rescue Service have said: "The smoke from the incident is affecting a large area.

"Advice is to close all windows and doors and stay inside where possible."

A Facebook post from Thornbury's Firefighters said: "It is advisable to keep your doors and windows closed around the area as a haze is visible outside in Thornbury."

For more pictures and videos from the scene of the fire click here.

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