Yate, genealogist, Pearl Foster has launched her second book, Stories from the archives.

Covid restrictions stopped Pearl from launching her book in a similar fashion as her first.

The books are the culmination of Pearl's lifelong interest in genealogy and years of research. A retired teacher and registrar, she followed her family’s historical trail through visits to depositories such as the national archives in London and the Portuguese national archives at the Torre do Tombo, Lisbon.

Pearl’s latest publication focuses on two branches of her own family who escaped the barbarities of the Portuguese inquisition and fled to England in the 1700s.

Pearl said: "You would hardly imagine so much went on in the lives of my family, although it helps when their paths coincided with the rich and famous.

"The story tells of their interactions with the Adams brothers, Pitt the Younger’s government, the Byrons and Disraelis.

"Virtually every fanciful plotline comes into play: murder, vengeance, love, elopement, famous musical personalities, visits to spa towns, the start of pleasure parks, working with the East India company, their role in the slave trade, freemasonry and living in the lap of luxury.

"Name it and it happened to them. These are true stories, not fiction. These are stories from the archives."

Stories from the archives is published by Silverwood Books of Bristol who currently feature Pearl in their ‘Meet the Author’ posting at https://www.facebook.com/silverwoodbooks/photos/a.168885434833/10158668224849834 . Copies direct from the author, Silverwood Books at http://bit.ly/2GzAdxy, or Amazon.co.uk.