It is sad to read about young trees being vandalised in Thornbury.

However many young saplings are lost from neglect after planting in our area.

I know young trees have suffered this year from prolonged dry hot spells.

People who plant trees, ie the local council need to keep them watered as they struggle to survive.

An example is three young birch trees planted in a row on a grassed area near Thornbury Motors.

In June they began to wilt but one in particular turned brown and has since died.

The other two may survive but it is shameful they were neglected when all the town’s flower planters are carefully tended.

I attempted to water them but was hampered by the fact I had to transport the water from home. The people who planted them should be tending them.

So many others will have died in the area during the hot dry spell.

Better to have not planted them at all than just abandon them to dry up.

Three mature birch trees would have been appreciated by residents in the future.

Gill Killey