A Stroud resident is 'ecstatic' after having a fine reversed and compensation offered by discount supermarket giant, Aldi.

Monty Robinson, a blue badge holder, had a £70 parking charge reversed and was given a £25 shopping voucher, after his friend complained at the 'outrageous' fine the elderly gentleman had received for parking in Aldi's Bath Road store in Stroud, for longer than the allowed 90 minutes.

Monty and his disabled wife, Reenie, were shopping in the store during the time.

Monty's friend, Malcolm Cooper contacted the Stroud News and Journal and The Gazette, to tell of his dismay of the incident.

In his letter he wrote: "Monty has a blue badge and went shopping at Aldi, with his wife, last week.

"When they were leaving the car park it transpired that the visit was longer than the 90 minutes and they were issued with a demand of £70 parking charge.

"I think this is outrageous, a couple both of whom are entitled to a free television licence, should be charged this extortionate amount."

Monty said: We couldn't believe that we were handed a fine, we were shopping in the store the whole time.

"We may not have got a fine if we had not had to queue to pay for 15 minutes.

Even still, my wife is disabled and I cannot see very well, so it will always take us a while to do our shopping."

Following the letter, Aldi got in contact with The Gazette to rectify the situation, the team at Aldi waived the fine, gave a £25 voucher and increased the couple's parking time to 3 hours.

Monty added: "We are very pleased that Aldi have taken our situation into account.

"We shall enjoy spending our voucher, especially now we have the extra time, we need, to do our shopping."