Local MP Luke Hall is asking for feedback following the latest adjustments at the junction of Cranleigh Court and Station Road.

South Gloucestershire council made the adjustments to the lighting sensors following concerns raised by residents about the infrequency of the green light traffic light controls.

The Council will monitor the impact of the adjustments but in the short term local people should see the side roads get a better green time to exit on the main road.

The MP is now calling for feedback from local commuters, to find out whether this adjustment has been beneficial.

Luke said: “Cutting down on the congestion on our roads, is a key part of my Positive Plan for Transport for improving our area.

"I am hoping that this small adjustment will play a role in doing this, meaning that residents will spend less time in traffic, and more time at home with their family.

If anyone has any feedback on this then please do not hesitate to drop me a message at luke.hall.mp@parliament.uk.