The Thornbury in Bloom have remained busy despite the absence of an official competition this year,

A floral tribute to the NHS has been displayed at the top of Grovesend Road.

Sue Aitken, of Thornbury in Bloom, said: "Our members have been doing what we can to maintain our floral tradition and we are particularly proud of the display celebrating the NHS.

"We are now having to decide what to do for next year and with much uncertainty it is hard to know what we will be able to do.

"We do have some daffodil bulbs to be planted around the town so if anyone would like to form a small group to plant bulbs in the verges around the town please do get in touch.

"Our fundraising efforts have been curtailed this year so we need to start thinking about how to top up the coffers and are still in need of a Chairman to take us into 2021."

For more information contact Sue on 01454 419350 or