Column by Thornbury and Yate MP Luke Hall.

Having a good Broadband connection is vital. Today, 96% percent of local homes now have access to this basic utility, but this is not enough. There are too many homes in places like Hawkesbury, Marshfield and the Severn Villages that need better broadband.

For small businesses who support our rural economy, schoolchildren who need access to online resources for their homework, and for many others who simply want a decent speed of connection for online streaming or to order their weekly shop; connecting the final towns and villages is absolutely essential.

We have already made progress on this campaign for better broadband; the amount of homes who now have access to a good Broadband connection has risen from 64% to 96% and we have constantly pressed and delivered more Fibre to the Premises connections.

We have helped secure £13.7 million investment in local broadband, and most recently a further £900,000 to connect rural businesses in South Gloucestershire. We have also helped connect more streets in Tytherington, Chipping Sodbury, Westerleigh, Elberton and Wickwar and connected new estates in Thornbury and Yate with fibre broadband.

We are now making steady progress towards connecting the final 4%. South Gloucestershire Council have confirmed that homes in Tockington, Petty France, Hill, Little Badminton, Falfield, and Cromhall, amoung others, are included in ‘Phase 3B’ of the Broadband rollout. These houses are ready to be connected in the coming weeks and months, with the connection dates depending on how quickly the physical connection process can take place.

Ensuring that these connections get delivered, and that everyone in our community has access to a good broadband connection, is an absolute priority so that more families can use the internet, more businesses can run from home and school children can do their homework online.

Battling for better broadband remains a key part of my Positive Plan. It means we will continue to push for the remaining homes in our most rural areas to be connected, continue to support Community Fibre Partnerships and continue to press for more funding to ensure that the final 4% are not left behind.

If anyone would like to report a Broadband issue, or has any questions about Openreach’s Phase 3B of their rollout, then please do not hesitate to drop me a message at