Siobhan Baillie is to be applauded for stressing the need for a global drive to end gender inequality, and I hope she is not being overly optimistic when claiming we are making progress on this front, especially when we read of the significant numbers of forced marriages still taking place even in this country. I trust Siobhan is backing Pauline Latham’s Bill criminalising child marriage before the age of 18, a loophole through which forced marriages are arranged.

Another perceived inequality, though one I’m sure Siobhan would prefer to ignore, concerns Dominic Cummings again. How can he get away scot-free after building a second home without planning permission, and then evade up to £50,000 back payment in Council tax? Who does he think he is? Mini-Donald Trump? And while on the subject of name-calling, I would advise our Prime Minister to stop dismissing the Leader of the Opposition as Captain Hindsight. He need only take a long look at himself in the mirror to recognise, beneath all the spin and buffoonery, Major Disaster.

Anthony Hentschel