A DURSLEY MAN who terrified two women with a knife on separate occasions in Nailsworth has been jailed for three years and four months.

Gloucester Crown Court heard yesterday (Wednesday) that Caine Grange was visiting his partner at the time in Bunting Way, Nailsworth, when neighbours heard him shouting at the woman inside the property for 15 minutes on July 15. The woman kept telling Granger to leave.

Prosecutor Nicholas Lee said: “At about 9pm the victim was next door with her mother and saw that Grange had gone outside of her neighbour’s house and was still shouting.

“But when Grange noticed he was being watched he said to the victim, ‘You can shut up’, and ‘Come down here and I will kill you both’.

“The neighbour shouted back that she wasn’t scared of him. She then saw Grange kick her car and boot the driver’s door. She shouted back to him that she would phone the police.

“Grange responded that he didn’t care as he walked off. The victim went to look at the damage to her car when Grange spotted her and began walking towards her in an aggressive manner.

“He began threatening her and pulled out a large knife with a one foot long blade and placed it alongside her throat.

“She kept moving back and Grange then pointed the knife at her stomach and threatened to stab her. As she felt the tip of the knife being pressed into her skin she fell back into a bush. Grange stood over her waving the knife around.

“As he walked away he again kicked at the woman’s car."

The court was then told about a second incident Lawnside in Nailsworth on July 31.

At 7pm Grange appeared at the gates of the home of a man he had known since primary school days.

Grange shouted, ‘Come right here right now’, to the man, said the prosecutor.

“The man noticed that Grange was carrying a 20cm kitchen knife. The man's partner shouted at Grange to get out of the garden.

“He then approached her and put the blade against her neck. She screamed in fear and Grange was pulled away by a neighbour.”

Grange was arrested on August 11.

Sarah Jenkins, defending, said: “Grange was under the influence of illicit substances on the first occasion.

“He also has a mental health issue - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – which during the pandemic lockdown he has had difficulty in keeping this under control as he was not being prescribed the correct medication.

"He fully accepts he will be sentenced to a lengthy prison term. He has taken a realistic approach to his offending and saved the witnesses from giving evidence at trial."

Grange, of St Georges Road, Dursley pleaded guilty to possessing a bladed article in a public place on July 15 and July 31 and causing criminal damage on July 15.

The Judge, Recorder Andrew Langdon QC, sentenced Grange to a prison term of three years and four months and subjected him to a five year restraining order, preventing him from contacting either of his victims.