Three people have been arrested after an illegal house party was held in Thornbury at the weekend.

Arrests were made following a disorder and an investigation for an offence of affray is underway.

Neighbourhood Inspector Clive Summerill said: “Whilst the disorder is the primary focus of the enquiries, those dealt with are liable to receive Fixed Penalty Notices for Covid-19 breaches due to their presence at the location.”

Fines of more than £100,000 have already been issued to people in the Avon and Somerset force area who have failed to pay a fixed penalty notice (FPN) for breaches of COVID-19 legislation.

So far, a total of 61 people who received FPNs up until the end of June have been convicted at local courts after failing to pay, following a decision by the force to prosecute.

Among the fines issued by the courts include one £2,000 fine and 35 fines of £1,760.

Three cases are currently scheduled to go to trial in December and January.

Chief Superintendent Claire Armes, head of operational support, said: “The courts have taken a robust response to those who have wilfully refused to pay the fixed penalty notices given out by officers for blatant breaches of the COVID-19 legislation.

“Our approach throughout the pandemic has always been to engage with the public, explain the legislation and encourage compliance, but in a small number of cases we have had to move to enforcement to protect public safety.

“Officers do not want to be issuing fines and it’s clear the vast majority of people are following the restrictions in place and understand the clear risks of engaging in activities which could increase the spread of COVID-19 to their family, friends and those around them – and we thank them for the daily sacrifices they’re making.”