The Castle School has issued a 'stranger danger' warning after two students were followed last week.

At around 3.20pm on November 17 a man drove slowly behind the students in the Lavender Close area, causing them to become concerned.

The man, who is described as aged in his 30 or 40s, of medium build with a long beard, didn’t exit the car and nothing was said.

The car was described as dark in colour and old. Anyone with information or who has concerns is encouraged to call the Thornbury beat team via 101.

In a letter sent to parents on Friday headteacher Joe Docherty wrote: "We are aware that there has been an incident involving students from school. The police have been notified.

"We would request that you talk with your child(ren) about Stranger Danger.

"Whilst the risk posed by strangers is generally rare it is important to make our young people aware of simple tips they can follow to keep themselves a little safer.

"The single most important thing to remember when teaching your children about stranger danger is to instil confidence rather than fear.

"Please equip your children with the knowledge and strategies they will need to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

"Be aware of stranger danger and stay safe."

Reassurance patrols are being conducted by the neighbourhood policing team following the incident.