One of the UK's top paragliding pilots made a tragic error of judgement and crashed into overhead power cables shortly after ringing his fiancée from the air and asking her to come outside and watch him land near their home, an inquest heard yesterday, Thursday.

Leanna Bishop went into the garden and looked up as Wayne Seeley, 41, descended towards the school playing field in Eastington but she was then horrified to see his harness touch high voltage cables.

A short time later, police told her the tragic news that he had passed away, she stated at the hearing at Gloucester Coroner's Court.

Mr Seeley, of Field Bush Close, Eastington, died on June 2 last year after flying from nearby Selsley Hill.

Speaking to the GAZ for a tribute piece shortly afterwards, Ms Bishop said: "Wayne was loved by so many. I never knew what true love was till I met Wayne – he was my fiancé, best friend, soulmate, protector and strength, who helped me through some tough times and pieced me back together.

"Words don’t do him justice, he was so kind, caring, passionate, patient and funny. We were so happy and were planning to marry and start a family."

Mr Seeley, a former pupil of Rednock School in Dursley was a talented photographer and a member of the GAZ's Gloucestershire Camera Club Facebook group.

He often took photographs while flying and was well known for his stunning images.

The inquest heard that Mr Seeley had been paragliding for 25 years, having started at the age of 16, and normally flew from Selsley Common with friends.

He had obtained his British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association certification in 1996 and belonged to the Avon Paragliding Club.

Mr Seeley was active in the national cross-country Paragliding League and was rated one of the country’s top ten pilots for the previous three years.

As one of the country’s top fliers he was known throughout the paragliding community.

He had flown over the Swiss Alps and all over the UK.

The inquest heard that Mr Seeley had landed in the school field on three or four previous occasions.

Ms Bishop stated that she had been in constant communication with him as he flew that day.

He texted her just after noon to say he was on Selsley Hill and about to fly, she said.

An hour later he called while flying to say he was going to land in the field near their home and told her to go out and watch.

The inquest was told that Ms Bishop watched from her garden and saw him coming in to land as normal and everything seemed fine.

But as he came in to land, she saw Mr Seeley’s harness skim the power line over the field.

A male friend who was watching with Ms Bishop immediately ran over towards Mr Seeley while others called the emergency services.

Sadly, despite the efforts of the paramedics, he passed away,

In a statement Mark Shaw, a technical officer for the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, said: “Mr Seeley was considered a careful flyer. A witness reported that Mr Seeley had previously stated that he was fully aware of the high voltage power cables crossing the field and stated that it needed perfect conditions in order to land safely.”

A formal investigation found his flying equipment was airworthy and was not considered a contributing factor.

The inquest confirmed that Mr Seeley died from electrocution.

Assistant coroner Roland Wooderson offered his condolences to Mr Seeley’s family before recording a conclusion of accidental death.