A GLOUCESTERSHIRE mum has issued a passionate plea as she recovers from coronavirus in intensive care.

Allie Sherlock, 44, was told by staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital that she would have died had she not been placed on a ventilator.

The mum of two who tested positive on Christmas Day has pleaded with people to follow the rules after watching two patients die in nearby beds.

In a video shot from her hospital bed by Dr David Windsor, Critical Care lead at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Allie said: "It's been horrendous.

"My whole family tested positive, I have a six-year-old, an eight-year-old, a 70-year-old mother and her husband with asthma.

"I’ve been very very unwell. I was fine, healthy, just getting on with my life and this has completely flawed me.

"I was told two days ago that if they didn’t put me on a ventilator I would die."

Allie was admitted to hospital just days after testing positive for covid.

During her admission, she has been fitted with a feeding tube and a face mask to allow her lungs to rest and recover.

She said: "I have had lots of antibiotics, steroids.

I've got feeding tubes, I have a face mask that I have to use regularly, which helps inflate my lungs.

"The stickers (face) are to protect my face because it’s a suction mask and it helps put positive air into your lungs so that your lungs can expand.

"Because I was getting very very tired, I was finding it hard to breathe.

"It helps to inflate your lungs properly and that took away some of the effort from breathing and allowed my lungs to rest and for me to recover.

Throughout the pandemic, NHS staff have had to endure constant ridicule from people claiming the covid pandemic is a hoax and that hospitals are empty.

When asked 'what do you say to the people who say it’s not real', Allie added: "Don’t be fooled, this is happening and this is serious.

"The NHS will not be able to cope if people do not take this seriously.

"I have seen two people die in beds either side of me whilst I’ve been in this hospital and not elderly people either.

"This is so important, keep your distance, stay at home, be protective of your loved ones and please please follow the rules.

"This is not a propaganda by the government, this is happening to every day people."

Allie has been discharged from Critical Care to the Respiratory High Care Ward, a positive step on the road to recovery.