A LONDONER who was evacuated to Cam in World War II is hoping that Gazette readers will be able to help him identify the house he stayed in as a four year old.

Harry Coventry is pictured here on his fourth birthday, after he'd been separated from his parents and evacuated with a score of other children, from London to Cam.

"With the first bombing raids, a coach took all these infants from Dagenham to a large house in Cam that became our nursery.

"I was not very happy there. I became ill and my mother was sent for, finding a room for us both with a Mrs Jenkins, in a cottage in the village.

"I remember it had a well outside the back door, with a stone path linking to the other cottages.

"We were not allowed in the parlour and spent many times standing outside the school , watching the children at playtime.

"I longed for my fifth birthday so that I could join them.

"Eventually we went back to London, and I was able watch the vapour trails in the sky as the Battle of Britain played out overhead, collect shrapnel and bomb fins, and go to school.

"I recently visited Cam with my wife, but soon realised that I didn't know if it was 'upper' or 'lower' Cam that I remembered.

"Where was the large house - in the background of the picture - that first housed me? And where was Mrs Jenkins cottage?

"I thought I would give it a shot, so that the next time I visit Gloucestershire I can really take a look at a place that shaped the start of my life."

If you can help email miranda.airey@newsquest.co.uk