An Almondsbury couple were among the first to be vaccinated at Ashton Gate stadium.

The mass vaccination centre opened its doors today, with Boris Johnson in attendance. .

Husband and wife John and Hazel Watson received their Covid-19 vaccinations and met the Prime Minister.

Mrs Watson, 82, said: “It was just really exciting, a great relief to feel that we now have some protection against this virus.

“It’s been quite worrying, we do feel quite vulnerable.”

Mr Watson, 81, said Mr Johnson asked them “general questions” about how they had got on and their experience of being vaccinated at Ashton Gate.

“The organisation here has been fantastic – as soon as you pull up you’re looked after and brought to each station so quickly,” he said.

The couple said they had tried to isolate as much as possible during the pandemic, with the “saddest part” not being able to see their family in person.