SELFISH, lazy dog owners who leave poo bags in trees, hedges, verges and parks in the Dursley, Wotton, Thornbury, Yate and Sodbury area are being warned that they can be fined.

After the Gazette highlighted the problem on Facebook yesterday, dozens of angry comments were posted highlighting poo hotspots in the area, with many followers saying the problem had got worse during lockdown.

Now, local authorities are warning that leaving bags behind can lead to a fine.

Many people have become more aware of the issue due to taking daily exercise and say the bags are blighting footpaths, commons, woodlands and play areas.

One Facebook follower reflected the anger by writing: "Never understood why someone would go to the trouble of bagging their dog mess and then not just dispose of it properly and hang it off a tree or something...subhuman scum!"

One post captured the issue perfectly by saying: "It seems incredibly that people go to the trouble of bagging it and then fail to dispose of the bag properly. It’s a sign of our society today!"

Other readers highlighted the danger posed to animals such as cows and horses if the bags and toxic contents are eaten.

The amount of dog mess around Brimsham Park in Yate was said to be 'absolutely disgusting'

"Some people are so lazy and totally disrespectful of their community," said the poster

Another said the dog bin often overflows in Northfield, Yate, with owners simply leaving bags on the ground.

Wortley Road in Wotton was another hotspot.

"Walked along there the other day and there was so many! It's disgusting! What is the point of picking it up if you are going to chuck it in a hedge! Bin it!" wrote the angry follower.

"It's terrible all around the Birds estate in Chipping Sodbury," said another.

In response, the local authorities which cover the area said anyone leaving bags behind could be fined as is the case with owners who fail to clean up mess.

Stroud District Council covers the Dursley and Wotton.

Simon Pickering, chairman of its environment committee, said: "Those who don’t immediately clean up after a dog under their control are committing an offence - this includes leaving bagged poo hanging in hedges or trees.

“Dog faeces can cause toxocariasis which can lead to blindness.

"Young children will be more at risk as they are more likely to come into contact with the faeces and not realise the dangers.

“There is absolutely no excuse to not dispose of dog poo safely – we provide around 950 litter bins and 500 dog waste bins across the district which can all be used for the disposal of bagged dog waste.

“Bagged dog waste can also be placed in your general household waste wheelie bin.

"The council will serve a Fixed Penalty Notice of £75 on any offender found not cleaning up after their dog or littering their dog waste bag, or can seek to prosecute through magistrates courts where the maximum fine is £1,000.

Dog fouling problems can be reported at 

Overflowing dog bins can be reported here

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council said: “Dog fouling is an issue which can blight local communities and all owners have a responsibility to clear up after their dogs.

"Always dispose of dog waste in your bin at home or a litter bin.

"If there isn’t a bin available on your walk, you must take the waste home with you.

"Never leave dog waste bags on the ground, or hanging on a fence or trees.

"As well as being unpleasant for other people, this is littering and you could incur a fine.

“We have funding in place which will be used to improve resources for enforcement of littering and other waste offences in South Gloucestershire.

"This will support the existing enforcement of Public Spaces Protection Orders carried out by our Streetcare teams."

Anyone who has information relating to dog fouling should report it at

In 2019, SGC increased the fixed penalty notice charge for not clearing up to £100, the maximum amount allowed.