Police are asking dog owners to keep their pets under control after a dead deer was found in the Lampern Hill area of Dursley.

Officers believe it is likely that the deer was killed by a dog.

The dead deer was found in a back garden in Dursley  on January 31, with animal teeth marks in it.

The deer attack is just one of a number of incidents in which animals have been attacked and killed by dogs in recent weeks.

Near the end of last month two goats were found with serious injuries from what is believed to be a dog attack on Robinswood. The two goats died due to their injuries.

Officers have now issued a request to dog owners, asking them to be responsible for their pets and to keep them under control.

At the beginning of the year police also warned about numerous sheep worrying incidents across the county following reports from farmers.

Advice for dog owners

When walking dogs in rural areas, dog owners are advised about the following:

Always ensure your dog is under control in an area where there are livestock or wild animals.

Be particularly vigilant during lambing season and always keep dogs on a lead during this time.

If your dog is not good with other animals or people, avoid letting them off their lead when others are around.

Don't allow people who may not be confident in doing so or have full control over the animal to walk your dog.

Remember where there may be no livestock in a field one day, the same location could be full of animals the next.

Ultimately a landowner by law, and as a last resort for protecting their livestock, is able to shoot a dog which they believe is worrying sheep. Police must be notified within 48 hours if this course of action is taken.